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The Maintenance guidances of HC1604
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Machinery Cleaning

Dust will accumulate as the production process going on.Which is possibly to affect machinery performances if left untreated.

1.Noise Cancellation Cells

Open the Noise Cancellation Cell Door and clean the dirt with towels.

2.Cabinet Door Filter

Replace with new filters.

Computer Backup and Cleaning

1.Backup printer Profile in Caldera (RIP Computer)


 PH Initialization file

 PH Offset

 PU Offset

 Waveform file

in Workstation (Ordering Computer)

3.Delete outdated .PRN file to save hard disk space.

You can easily regenerate the .PRN file through RIP Computer.


 Store raw picture files in RIP Computer. (.EPS, .PDF, .AI, .PSD, .TIFF, .JEPG, etc.)

 Store rasterized file in Ordering Computer. (.PRN)

 Organize the picture library folders to accelerate your daily operation.

Connection greasing

Due to the constantly mechanical movement, It is necessary to perform Greasing/Oiling operation to certain parts.

Parts need to be greased

 PU Z-Axis leadscrews

Parts need to be oiled

 Feeding Roller 1 bearings

 Feeding Roller 2 bearings

 Feeding Roller 3 bearings

 Feeding Wheel bearings

 Front Alignment slide blocks

 Left/Right Alignment guide rail

 PU Y-Axis guide rail

 PU X-Axis guide rail

PH Maintenance

Aqueous ink has an easy drying characteristic.

If the printer has been vacant for a while, the PH is likely to nozzle missing. Perform Manually PH Wiping when the Prime function cannot solve the nozzle issue.

How to Manually PH Wiping

1.Prepare a lint-free tissue sobbed with flush liquid

2.Manually raise relevant PU to Observation Position

3.Wipe the PH bottom surface gently to clean the stocked nozzle

4.Manually drop PU to Moisture Position

5.Perform Ink Prime

6.Print Pattern to check nozzles again