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  • Single-Pass Dye-Sublimation Printer
Glory 1800P
  • Single-Pass Dye-Sublimation Printer

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Glory 1800P

Single-Pass Dye-Sublimation Printer

Glory 1800P

Waterfall-like paper feeding system smoothly flows images out of the printer

Kyocera printhead can optimize the feeding speed up to 75m/min. Can feed paper smoothly, delicate image output, achieve excellent color transitions and saturation.

Digital Printing Unit

Stepless variable printing speed: can either print in high speed or inspect printing quality in slow motion; printing speed could be adjusted between 5m/min to 75m/min.

Inspection Window

can check printing quality from the inspection window where samples can be examined during the printing process.

Hydraulic Mechanical Feeding System

Mechanization hydraulic cylinder can precisely convey paper rolls to the feeding position, greatly save labor costs and improve the productivity.

Digital Printing Unit

Automatic Roller Paper-Receiving Function Receive paper at steady speed, keep receiving speed same as the tensile force, No deviation in the paper-receiving process.

Paper-Feeding Maintenance

Paper feeding status could be observed and maintained on the upper level

Heat Exchanger

Can pass electricity or steam or heat (generated by other sources) to the oven via the heat exchanger, achieve brilliant drying quality.
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Glory 1800P(DyeJet 1800)

Machine dimensions

19100 x 7175 x 5040 mm(L x W x H)

Ink Type

Han FullColor® Water-based Ink

Ink colors

CMYK + OR + BL + LK + RED + Flourescenece pink + Fluorescence yellow

Colors type

4-8 color optional choice

Print Head

Kyocera printhead

Print Head Qty

60-120 pcs

Max Printing Width

1620 mm

Max media width

1820 mm

Printing Speed

High Quality ModeProduction ModeDraft Mode

35 m/min50 m/min75 m/min

Media properties

35 g - 100 g

Max roll diameter

1 m

Media Type

Transfer paper

Printing Software

System Provided Software

RIP Software

neostampa or Texprint

Power Consumption

SystemThree-phase 380V;50HZ 87kW(Max)

DryerElectrical Heating380V;50HZ 650kW(Max)


Environmental requirement

Temperature:15 - 25℃ Humidity:40% - 60% (Dust-free Workshop, Constant temperature and humidity)

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