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  • Ut ility High-Speed Scanning Digital Inkjet Press
HighJet 2500B
  • Ut ility High-Speed Scanning Digital Inkjet Press

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HighJet 2500B

High-Speed Scanning Digital Inkjet Press

Belt transmission system Powerful vacuum system High speed queue feeding Automatic leading edge feeding Automatic skip printing High precision margin detection Automatic negative pressure ink supply Kyocera dual channel print head Industrial PC Print head self-cleaning & moisture system Powerful and intelligent operating system Han FullColor® water-based ink

High speed, high precision and high quality

Equipped with 4 to 8 Kyocera print heads, the printing speed could reach as high as 700㎡/ hr. High-speed carriage printing with a scanning speed of 1.8 m/s. Featured by fixed interval fast feeding, high-precision belt transmission system ensures stepping accuracy. Grayscale digital inkjet printing with the resolutions up to 600x1200dpi. hj2500B
hj2500B hj2500B hj2500B hj2500B

Digital inkjet printing, a cost-effective solution

Eliminates traditional processes such as plate making, make-readies and ink mixing; Big savings on time, ink, labor, plates and the associated storage costs. Quick and automatic changeover; Intelligent color registration; two minutes or less setup time. Drop-on-demand printing, no ink wasted, less ink consumption,environment and user friendly. Powerful order management functionalities: Print jobs can be automatically stored and fast retrieved. Industrial print head with longer useful life and wider color gamut. Han FullColor® water-based ink is fit for food packaging printing.
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  • hj2500BPVC board
  • hj2500BKT board
hj2500B hj2500B hj2500B hj2500B hj2500B hj2500B

Intelligent and smart processing system

Smart software system monitors the status of paperboards, production and ink consumption in real time. Automatic high-precision negative pressure stabilization design ensures continuous printing with stable pressure level. Automatic-Pump ink supply and print head degassing systems enhance printing reliability and stability. Leading-edge auto-feeding brings precise board positioning. hj2500B
hj2500B hj2500B hj2500B hj2500B

Han FullColor® Environmental friendly water-based ink


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Specifications of HighJet 2500B


HighJet 2500B


Kraft, Coated, Personalized Applications such as Display Shelf, UV Solutions ( PVC Expansion Sheet/Acrylic) etc.

Ink Type

Han FullColor® Water-based Ink or UV ink

Print head

Kyocera dual channel


IR & Hot air/LED Light (optional)

Ink Supply


Print head Configuration

Standard: 4 printheads, double-row 4 colors (CMYK), maximum 8 printheads

Printing Modes

4 Print Heads8 Print Heads

Pass1Pass 2Pass 3Pass 4Pass 1Pass 2Pass

Capacity700㎡/hr 362㎡/hr 230㎡/hr 170㎡/hr 700㎡ /hr 362㎡/hr

Feeding Size

Max. WidthMax. Length (Automatic)Max.Length (Manual)Thickness


Feeding and stacking systems

Feeding systemStacking System



3rd party RIP Software

Input format


Site requirement (Min)

6910 mm (w) x 8730 mm (L) x 2500 mm (H)


3Phase/380V, 100A, 50HZ, Total Power 50KW

Air Supply

Pressure: ≥ 6Kg/cm² ; Speed ≥ 34 liters/min


Relative humidity:40%-60%; Temperature: 15℃ -28℃


4910 mm (W) x 5730 mm (L) x 1845 mm (H) (Take feeding direction as length)

Net Weight

7100 Kg (Feeding section included)