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  • Four Color Corrdugated Board Inkjet Printer
  • Four Color Corrdugated Board Inkjet Printer

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Glory 1604

Single-pass Corrugated Digital Press

Single-pass Corrugated Digital Press

Industrial robust design with the fastest production speed up to 492feet/min and High-Flexo like print quality.

Digital printing technology brings you the experience of instantaneous response and seamless switch among multiple short-run orders.

Applicable to all kinds of substrates including Kraft, Mottled White and Coated White.

Aqua-base ink jet provides the low printing cost and supports the wide range of packaging applications.

24/7 technical support & service in U.S.

Han FullColor® Environmental friendly water-based ink

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Glory 1604: 12700 x 5590 x 3245 mm Glory 1604 + Stacker: 19560 x 5590 x 3245 mm Glory 1604 + 8 Meters Tunnel Dryer + Varnish + Stacker: 30635 x 5590 x 3245mm


Linear speed up to 150m/min


Types: Wide range of corrugated boards(coated,white,kraft etc.)

Max. board size: 1600*2800mm

Mini. board size: 450*400mm

Thickness: 1.5-11mm

Handing: Lead-edge feeder, precise media positioning, vacuum suction, conveyor belt; All designed for reliable and high-quality printing.


Technology: Single-pass, drop-on-demand,piezo inkjet technology.

Print head: Industrial Koycera(max.14 pcs per color)

Width: Max. printing width 1560mm

Ink type: Han FullColor®aqueous ink

Ink color: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black(CMYK)+ (Violet,Orange optional )

Drying: Infrared drying system

Printing modes

Resolution600 x 400600 x 600600 x 900600 x 1200

Linear Speed150m/min100m/min 66m/min50m/min


Software: 3rd party RIP Software

Input formats: PDF,EPS,TIFF,JPEG, and AI etc

Provide color solutions for various printing substrates


Warp detecting and warning system

Automatic ink cost calculating function

Remote defect diagnosis & system upgrades

Production management system available

Total Power

Glory1604:175 Kw(Dryer 88 kw included)Priming Unit: 3 KwConstant Temperature & Moisture Room: 5Kw Tunnel Dryer: 180Kw (Dryer 144 kw included)varnishing Unit: 75Kw75 Kw(Dryer 60 kw included)Stacker: 5 Kw

In Actual Production (Reference Only)Glory1604: 35Kw (IR Dryer Excluded)Priming Unit:1.2KwConstant Temperature & Moisture Room:3 Kw Tunnel Dryer: 25Kw (IR Dryer Excluded)Vanishing Unit: 9 Kw (IR Dryer Excluded)Stacker: 3 Kw


Glory1604: 16600 kg Priming Unit: 900 kgConstant Temperature & Moisture Room:2600 kg Drying Unit: 9200 kg Vanishing Unit: 3200 kg Stacker: 2300 kg