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Digital Makes Packaging More Eco
Author:HanwayFrom:HanwayDate:2019-12-09 12:06:44View:Loading...

Soon after the national shopping carnival "Double 11", " Double 12" is on the way. The projects which are more than 100 billion transition amounts not only brought great challenges to the express delivery industry, but also caused high environmental issues on millions of packages.

Data show that in 2019 China's express delivery business breakthrough 60 billion, more than 8.6 billion boxes were consumed, the package increment had accounted for for 90% of household garbage incremental in each big city. Most of the packaging boxes are directly landfill, which causing irreversible damage to the environment. Express packaging waste pollution issue has already become the key problem of the current environment.

In order to deal with the huge waste of packaging, "Green packaging" revolution is roaring. Forest Packaging Group Co., Ltd. has used the recycling paper as raw material, its subsidiaries also processed "recycled paper" into various types of paper products. Digital makes packaging more Eco, Forest Packaging Group is committed to providing customers for more valuable services.

Forest Packaging is striving for digital printing transformation. Since 2016, it has maintained close cooperation with Hanway, one of the subsidiaries of the Hanglory Group, which is focusing on Single Pass digital equipment development and manufacturing. Several digital printing equipment of Hanway were purchased including Glory 1604 single pass digital corrugated press and Glory 2504 large format single pass corrugated digital press. Hanway’s devices are highly recognized and appreciated for its automatic, intelligent and environmentally friendly.

Glory 1604, is the first industrial grade corrugated digital printing machine created by Hanway. It applies industrial-grade single pass non-contact printing technology and equipped with industrial-grade piezoelectric ceramic printheads, achieving industrial high speed is up to 150m/min and a printing resolution of 600*1200dpi. Glory 1604 perfectly overcame difficult of speed and image by the advanced color management system self-designed by Hanway and enables the production mode of digital printing to enter the territory of packaging in a large scale.

Glory 2504 applies innovative design of large format, with the Max. printing width of 2.16m, which can expand producing capacity for various specifications of corrugated printing. At the same time, Glory 2504 can equip with various following procedures including printing, slotting,stacking and other processes, which can help users greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, enhance the value of printing products.

At present, the digital printing equal to the green production to some extent, especially environmental issues have become seriously, and the e-commerce is more popular. Digital printing is convenience, save-labor cost, can achieve variable data printing and personalized orders. Digital printing is creating new profit producing ways for enterprise.

With the rapid development of digitalization and environmental protection in the packaging printing industry, Forest Packaging Co., Ltd. will continue to maintain business corporation with Hanway, and help the corrugated packaging industry towards a new horizon with digital printing.