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Glory 2504, an outstanding performace in applications
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In the previous articles, we have introduced you to the outstanding performance of Glory 2504 in digital printing solutions, printheads, inks, and how they can play a significant role in the high-quality, as well as high-speed digital printing. In this article, we will introduce you to the humanized design details of Glory 2504, as well as its excellent performances in applications and environmental solutions.

Glory 2504

Market Trends & Applications

Nowadays, the packaging and printing industry is directed towards small-batched orders and exquisite customized products. With the rapid development of modern logistics and product visualization, the digital printing, especially the corrugated packaging, has been occupying the larger market share than before. In short, the personalization-oriented packaging market has a promising future, and the demand for“a variety of small orders”is becoming more and more popular. Packaging is no longer a display of color blocks or simple graphics; the downstream manufacturers and customersare calling for the increase of added value of products, such as the implantation of digitalized information, the packaging tracking, and the interactive login of products, etc.

In view of these factors, Hanway Industrial launched the packaging digital printing research project in 2013, and soon took the lead in mastering the industrial technology of Single-Pass technology in China. In 2016, it successfully produced China's first industrial corrugated digital press, Glory 1604, followed by the industrial corrugated cardboard scanning digital press, HighJet 2500 series. As for the newly launched digital press, Glory 2504, there are five technical advantages that deserve to be noted in the market competition:

• Print on demand without MOQs (minimum order quantities), has a good “ready-to-use”ability, able to make quick response to market trends & to reduce inventory costs;

• Variable data printing, able to provide for certain customers small-batch products to achieve the customized orders;

• No plate-making or plate-switching process, no additional labor costs, increased the added value of packaging production;

• Intelligent production, equipped with "all-in-one" integration application — able to combine Glory 2504 with the dryer, varnishing unit, slotter and stacker; higher productivity, super efficiency;

• Digital printing did help, and used small-batch and personalized digital printing products to test the reaction of consumers, conduct effective market analysis and finally establish the interaction relations between end users and consumers.

An aerial view of Glory 2504

User-Friendly & Eco-friendly

In addition, Glory 2504's intelligent operating experience and user-friendly design are also the two of its highlights. First, the Glory 2504 is equipped with an automatic fault detection system and remote diagnosis & repair function, which effectively reduced the cost of maintenance. Second, the system can automatically detect and stop the warpage that may occur in the paper-feeding process to ensure the safety of production. Third, the intelligent ink supply system and automatic nozzle discharge function prevented the nozzles from clogging, and ensured a smoother ink output. Last, a new handle-hole die-cutting unit is provided for the sake of convenience of workers to detect and adjust the materials during the production and to reduce the error rate.

As a digital press, Glory 2504 is also excellent in environmental protection and energy saving. On the one hand, in the traditional water-marking printing, a lot of ink was wasted when the printing plate had to be replaced. While the digital inkjet wasted little because of its non-touch way of printing. On the other hand, because Glory 2504 uses water-based ink as a dissolving carrier, it does not emit any organic gases (VOC) to the atmosphere during its production process. The water-based ink greatly reduces the toxic substances remaining on the surface of the printed matter, and embodies good health and safety in packaging and printing products with strict sanitary conditions, such as the production of tobacco, wine, food, beverages, medicines and children's toys.