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LabSta330, a guarantee of high-quality digital label printing
Author:HanwayFrom:HanwayDate:2019-02-19 10:46:41View:Loading...

LabStar 330, an industrial digital label press independently developed by Hanway Industrial, will be launched at the SinoLabel Expo (Guangzhou) in March. In the previous exhibition notice, we introduced the advantages of LabStar 330 in energy saving, automation, intelligence and digitization. In this article, wewill introduce the product highlights and competitive advantages of LabStar 330in a more detail way, so that everyone can have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of it.

Industrial background in which LabStar 330 was born

In the foreseeable future, the demand for self-adhesive labels in the manufacturing and retail industries will be growing rapidly year by year. In the label industry, the market demand for labelprinting is gradually approaching small production volumes and short-cycleorders. Therefore, having an industrial digital label press that can meet the requirements mentioned above is a necessary condition for Hanway Industrial to adapt itself to the fierce label market competition. In addition, in the pursuit of personalized, differentiating business, the design and production of labels must not only be beautiful, but also meet the more diverse and personalized printing requirements of customers from different countries and regions. On the basis of the full grasp of the future trend of the label market, coupled with the technological breakthrough of the Hanway R&D team, LabStar 330 came into being.

LabStar330's "Five-High"

When talking about the characteristics of LabStar 330, we can sum up as of the "five high", that is, high specification, high efficiency, high quality, high flexibility and high profit:

1.High Specification: A new generation of Kyocera printhead technology, ensuring high printing quality.

2.High Efficiency: Meet the requirements of industrial and customized production at the speed of 164 ft/min (50m/min).

3.High Quality: The print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi achieves high quality on-demand label printing.

4.High Flexibility: Innovative designs in flexible use.

5.High Profit: Digital printing technology brings customers high revenues and profits.

In this warm-up article, we will focus on the first three core advantages of LabStar 330: high specification, high efficiency and high quality. Below we will give you a detailed introduction of them.


The LabStar 330 is equipped with the high-precision Kyocera nozzle, which has significant advantages in technical configuration, enabling easy printing of digital labels and ensuring print quality. And this can also be reflected in specific parameters:

Number of nozzles: 2656;

Physical resolution: 600 x 600dpi;

Max. physical resolution: 1200 x 600dpi, meeting high-quality printing requirements;

Can achieve fine print with a minimum of 2pt font size.

In addition, LabStar 330 is equipped with a nozzle drive system, independently developed by Hanway Industrial. It can realize automatic operation, automatic maintenance and automatic cleaning of the nozzles through one-button operation of the system platform. It is so convenient, fast, and requires no extra steps that it can save time cost effectively.

UV ink

Apart from the high-precision nozzles, another key to achieving high-efficiency printing is its outstanding ink quality. Hanway Industriial uses the most advanced UV digital inkjet technology, which has significantly improved on many aspects compared to traditional offset printing. Let's take a look at the basic parameters of the ink:

Standard mode: CMYK;

In standard mode, four-color printing covers most of the Pantone colors;

Dedicated to ink solutions for white colors, special spot colors, etc.

As can be seen from the above, since the UV ink does not lose the richness of color, and it can maintain a certain stability in color display, it is not inferior to the traditional one in printing effect. In addition, since UV inkjet is a non-touch printing method, but cyclically supplied with ink by its own pressure, it can effectively avoid ink clogging and ink precipitation. Its heating and degassing functions, as well as its alarm function for the lack of ink does not only ensure the stability of the whole system, but also the good operation of the press in printing.

In the following article, we will introduce you to more technical highlights of the LabStar 330 (especially its ability to achieve high-quality on-demand printing).

Today is the Lantern Festival of the Luna year 2019, Hanway Industrial wishes our customers and friends Happy Lantern Festival!