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Present DSLR-Level Images on Your Packages with Single-Pass Digital Inkjet Technology
Author:HanwayFrom:HanwayDate:2017-08-17 15:29:50View:Loading...

If you want to transform into digital printing from traditional printing, you need to know a lot in advance. For example, does your equipment provider have enough industrial manufacturing strength? Can the equipment capacity meet your business requirements? And more importantly, can the printing effects impress your customers so that they won’t hesitate to take digital printing machine as their first choice?

Hanway Glory1604, with an unparalleled production capacity, will be your perfect ideal. The printing speed of 150m/min has been in the industry's top level. Just like how China's high-speed rail surprises the world, with single-pass high-speed printing technology, this Chinese company has caused a sensation in the global package printing industry.

The equipment we are going to introduce today is capable of presenting DSLR-level images on your packages with single-pass digital inkjet technology.

This is very important for digital inkjet printing, because the traditional printing method can’t present vivid packaging images (you know, in traditional printing, just the tedious overprint process will upset you). Achieving the DSLR effect is also a strength that a digital printing equipment manufacturer will be proud of.

The following samples are printed by Glory1604 in high-speed production mode. We shoot them without any post processing.

Now, let's take a look at their qualities in details.

Digital Printing

The printing was done on a white board. Let’s take a look at the juice color, which has shown the freshness of the orange. Then let’s look at the color transition between the bottles and moss-colored wooden floor, which has completely got rid of the stiff performance of traditional printing, presenting a more perspective picture with stronger and more expressive printing effect.

Now let’s take a closer look.

Digital Printing

This one below is a coated board.

The transition of sky color, the color of blue boats, and the bottom water ripples, all restore DSLR-level image effects through digital printing technology.

Digital Printing Digital Printing

Have these pictures impressed you with digital printing technology?

We believe if you have chance to touch the innovations brought by digital technology to corrugated industry, you shall feel that the future of corrugated package printing is right at your fingertips.

Now the opportunity is coming close to you. Hanway Glory1604 will debut at PACK EXPO in USA on September 25th . We will show you some on-site demonstrations in the Las Vegas Convention Center (Booth :S-6188). Perhaps this visit will form ties of your business with digital printing.