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Carton digital presses common failure to how to solve
Author:HanwayFrom:HanwayDate:2017-04-11 11:07:55View:Loading...

Carton digital presses common failure to how to solve? The following specific to listen to Hanway industry description:

1, printing pressure discomfort caused by the ink bar phenomenon: the culprit of this type of failure is actually carton printing presses in the process of sliding friction phenomenon. Sliding friction phenomenon comes from: a, offset roller bearing serious wear and tear. Second, the use of hard lining, imprinting process due to drum gear wear serious, and the distance between the center of the drum is too large, resulting in the gear backlash gradually larger, the roller after the pressure of the gear can not be due to fit and produce friction and friction. These two types of cases can be replaced by the carton printer roller bearings, reducing the distance between the center of the drum method to solve.

Carton digital presses

2, the drum teeth are not accurately caused by overprint failure: When the teeth of the tooth surface teeth wear, deformation, bite pressure there is uneven, lack of circumstances, the sheets into the teeth after the prone to slip phenomenon, resulting in overprint is not allowed, serious impact Quality of products. The main way to solve this problem is to wear the bad teeth to remove the replacement of the new teeth, and the pressure on the uneven pressure, lack of teeth to adjust the appropriate correction. In addition, it is also possible to use a method of appropriately reducing the printing pressure of the carton printing press.

3, carton printing plate paper surface strength caused by poor powder, hair loss, peeling and other phenomena: the surface of the paper in the printing process, due to external forces such as printing peel force and ink sticky, resulting in paper coating and surface layer Tissue division and stripping, paper surface magenta and other phenomena. The easiest solution to this type of problem is to use paperboard presses with strong surface strength and good quality paper.

The above three points are common in several fault conditions. For the third failure, in real life, the vast majority of paper material selection is not a carton printing machine factory can unilaterally decide, or mainly according to customer requirements. Some ordinary products, customers in order to save materials, will use low-grade paper products. At this time, the carton printer users can reduce the phenomenon by adjusting the ink viscosity of the carton machine and the printing pressure.