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How to maintain the daily carton digital presses
Author:HanwayFrom:HanwayDate:2017-04-08 15:39:27View:Loading...

Hanway Industry said that even the first-class cardboard digital presses, in order to ensure its long-term normal operation, it must be regular maintenance and maintenance of its daily. It can be seen that the regular maintenance and maintenance of the carton digital press is a daily task that can not be ignored in the printing equipment management. So, what is the specific measures to maintain the carton printing machine in the end?

1. Basic maintenance measures.

Some users have been a misunderstanding that the high brand of carton machinery does not require basic maintenance measures, but it is not. Regular oil change, cleaning the filter, regularly check the machine accuracy is very conducive to extend the service life of machinery, improve the value of machinery.

2. Strengthen the maintenance of important parts.

The most important parts of the cardboard digital press are gears, cams, sprockets, rollers and bearings, etc. These parts are used in the process of a greater degree of wear and tear, once the accuracy changes can easily affect the final print quality so their The maintenance must be more careful and meticulous. There is also an important component is the spring, spring for the balance of force, its sensitivity to the elasticity of the dynamic components directly determine the level of cooperation between the level. Once the spring plastic deformation occurs on the spring work has a great impact, because the plastic deformation is irreversible. So in peacetime must be prepared to prepare spare spring to meet from time to time.

carton printing machine

3. Through technical reform, to strengthen the integrity of carton machinery maintenance.

Mechanical maintenance requirements of the machine in the design of the time to take full account of the convenience of mechanical maintenance. However, due to the complexity of the carton press, it is obviously impossible to take into account each factor, and the environment will change, and the contents of the machine maintenance will change. So it is not to affect the normal work under the premise of those who are not conducive to the maintenance of the carton printer to improve the structure.

Above summary of the cardboard digital printing press specific maintenance measures, of course, this is only in the static maintenance point of view. Static maintenance is in the carton digital press is not running in the case of conservation. This maintenance mode is not easy to operate on the equipment damage and operational errors.