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One Pass digital inkjet equipment has the market space of 300 machines in the next five years
Author:HanwayFrom:HanwayDate:2017-03-27 10:41:13View:Loading...

Reed Senior Vice President Thomas Huang: One Pass digital inkjet equipment has the market space of 300 machines in the next five years.

Moderator: Reed Group is an internationally renowned exhibition organization, especially in the corrugated exhibition, which has already made a brand. General Manager Huang should have experienced a lot of big and small shows in his career. You must understand quite a lot about the development of the corrugated digital printing in recent years, right?

If I remember correctly, almost from 1993, 90 years, Indigo published the first true digital printer in the IPEX exhibition. Almost during these 20 years, I think digital printing in the world has been very dynamic, and become a fad of the time. So whether it was our printing and packaging industry or other industries, in the field of application, digital printing was always followed closely and mentioned by our users and people in our industry. In fact, in the past we knew that digital printing apply more in the web printing, but in the DRUPA last year (2016), we saw a lot of flat paper digital printing. A lot of digital printing equipment manufacturers all have their share of flat sheet digital printing equipments. Let's be honest, the global carton industry is also in its initial stage. We have, for example, not been using the Single Pass ten years ago, but more the scanning type. The speed may be between ten meters and a few ten meters, which was relatively slow. It was used, but still very small, which can be ignored compared with our traditional water-based printer, so it also meant that there was a very large market space.

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Moderator: General Manager Huang, could you share with us which iconic products we are currently more familiar with? Or share the classic customer case, and what's new was brought to them by digital printing.

In the case of sharing, your Handway Company is already a good case (the audience laughs). In fact, last September, I have noticed this machine of yours Glory1604. I went to take a look. I think if it can guarantee such a high quality under the circumstance of 150 meters per minute, then it was indeed done very well. When the moderator was making an introduction, he also mentioned that, right now, in the world, there are a lot of web digital printing enterprises which originally were in the printing and packaging industry, have also seen the opportunities of the carton industry, thus moving to the develop such a digital inkjet printer for cartons. From the case, we know that the industry's single pass technologies of the corrugated box are all test machine. For example, Bobst has launched three machines, among them is a model, which is now in Europe, and is also belong to the trial stage. From the point of view of the user (carton factory), I think the carton factory is looking forward that the equipment to be able to meet the need of print on demand, timely delivery, and short orders. Of course, if it is from the perspective of stand-alone profit, I think we still have a long way to go. In addition, speaking of the great future, I would like to add that, because I am very accustomed to using quantitative thinking to consider the problem, I believe that in the next five years, in the carton industry, digital inkjet equipment with Single Pass technology will has at least 300 demand in China, which is a huge market space.